Our services focus and aim to provide our guest with the utmost experience of  serenity healing with holistic therapeutic modalities. 

We offer treatments with options that focus on professional alternative

healing. Our services promote wellness, relaxation, and experience of holistic

therapy like no other with all organic products and therapies of alternative healing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit. We want you to experience healing

in the most natural, holistic, and balanced serenity you can imagine. Our goal is for you to feel at paradise with an, "aha" moment

of true relaxation and serenity.

beyond swedish massage
50/80 minutes          $60/$90

An escape of stress with light to firm glides of efflaurages that bring you to a place of relaxation, experiencing techniques of fluent effortless, kneading, and soothing pressure which promote an overall sense of holistic well being. Promoting proper

circulation and balance to a relaxed serenity experience.

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deep dive serenity massage
50/80/110 minutes           $75/$95/$120

A release of tension, trigger points, and knots is what you will experience with a sense of relief from stressed muscles and bringing your body the equilibrium of range and motion.

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 before hands nurturing ritual
50/80 minutes           $75/$100

Relaxing benefits for both moms-to-be and baby.

Relieve muscle aches, joint pain and reduced swelling with techniques that are appropriate for moms to be and safe for the baby to soon be on hands.

Guests in their First Trimester are Unable to experience this ritual.

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serenity beyond paradise rituaL
80/110 minutes                $145/$160      

This is a therapeutic escape that will give you the pleasure of customizing your treatment with your choice of pressure, modality, and your choice of a complimentary enhancement. This ritual consist of the use of warm compressed, hot stones, and aromatherapy. This experience will bring you to a paradise of

relaxed serenity for the body, mind, and spirit.

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four levels of serenity massage
50/80/110 minutes                  $140/$190/$250

Experience serenity to a 4th dimension with the luxury of receiving massage treatment from TWO Therapist at the same time. While you relax, enjoy, and rejuvenate your body will receive complete wellness of experiencing combined massage techniques by 4 hands.

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